Monday, 6 April 2015

Software Development Portfolio

1. Dynamic Statistical Multiplexing using H.264

2. Effects of cyclic prefix on OFDM
3. Auto Call Database Delete

My dissertation of designing a multiplexer and a de-multiplexer model with H.264 codec with MatLAB. I conducted an in-depth and detailed analysis on different compression methods with different types of video complexity before feeding into my MatLAB code.

My lead and design group project. A simulation to investigate the effects of cyclic prefix on OFDM used in a Wireless environment (LTE) subject to Multipath propagation. A GUI was developed for better representation of the simulation.

I have created an automatic procedure to trigger MySQL script to delete old database data run in the production PC’s background written in C programming language.

4. Database analysis tool using Excel VBA
5. Personal Monthly Account (hobby)
6. Blog layout design (hobby) and My Web Links

Database acquisition and analysis tool developed by my manager and me. This tool was developed by my manager and I to allow us to access and gather database data that present in Excel sheet. 

A tool developed using Excel VBA to keep track my daily expenses with a simple GUI form.

Personal blog design for my hobby during my first degree. 

Personal Web Links. Simple HTML/CSS design to visually display my favourite webpage.

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